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Pre-Day Workshop
Accelerating Time-to-ATO: Compliance as a Mission Driver
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Tuesday, June 19 9:00am - 11:00am
Breakout Session
The Quest for Continuous ATO
Wednesday, June 20 10:00am - 10:50am
Demo Lab
The Next Evolution of Xacta
Wednesday, June 20 3:00pm
Partner Theater
Continuous Controls Inheritance for Faster Cloud Compliance
Thursday, June 21 11:40am
Happy Hour
Happy Hour with Telos and REAN Cloud
Wednesday, June 20 6-8pm
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June 20 | 10:00am - 10:50am | Room 146 A

The Quest for Continuous ATO

A case study featuring the US Intelligence Community

Hugh Barrett, Vice President, Technical Solutions, Telos Corporation and Co-Inventor of Xacta
Troy Poppe, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

In 2013 the Central Intelligence Agency partnered with AWS to stand up an entire AWS region, completely air-gapped and dedicated to use by the Intelligence Community (IC). The resulting Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) environment leverages many AWS services to offer virtually unlimited capacity, auto scaling, instant provisioning, and fault isolation. Naming this new environment Commercial Cloud Services was quite intentional, as the government sought to work at the speed of commercial innovation and accelerate time-to-mission.

Despite the physical isolation and protections afforded to C2S, each workload to operate in the environment needs to be configured and assessed according the IC’s rigorous security standards. During the implementation of C2S the government worked with AWS and Telos Corporation to revolutionize traditional A&A practices, streamlining the end-to-end process for completing a Body of Evidence (BoE) for authorization in as little as one week versus the six to nine months previously expected.

Practitioners from Telos and AWS who worked directly with the C2S sponsor on the ATO effort will share their experiences using Xacta 360, the risk management solutions engineered to integrate with AWS services to seamlessly automate compliance validation and reporting, and generate auto-populated compliance packages with inherited, pre-vetted security controls of AWS services.

June 19 | 9:00am - 11:00am

Accelerating Time-to-ATO: Compliance as a Mission Driver

Discover how you can:

  • Accelerate time-to-mission while complying with NIST security policies
  • Shorten time-to-ATO including FedRAMP authorizations
  • Manage risk and compliance across AWS regions including GovCloud and C2S

This workshop will showcase how to accelerate your time-to-mission while complying with security policies such as the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). We will discuss the compliance challenges facing government agencies and other organizations today.

Using real customer scenarios, we’ll demonstrate how Xacta®360 from Telos Corporation, using inheritance and common controls, can shorten your time to authority to operate (ATO) from months to weeks. We will discuss how the solution can be leveraged across AWS regions, including GovCloud, and even by the Intelligence Community operating in the isolated C2S cloud. And you’ll see firsthand how Xacta 360 can accelerate a FedRAMP authorization. In addition, we will explore governance@scale – the common challenges and proven guidance for governance and security compliance at the enterprise level.

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Accelerating Time-to-ATO

Happy Hour

Join Telos and REAN Cloud for an evening of cocktails and appetizers to unwind from the day’s events and mingle with industry experts and peers as we discuss cloud strategies, the latest in AWS cloud developments, and the future of cloud computing in Public Sector industries.

  June 20 @ 6:00pm - 8pm  |    The Crimson Bar and Roof Deck Patio

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Telos CorporationREAN Cloud
Happy Hour with Telos Corporation and REAN Cloud

June 20 | 3:00pm | Demo Lab Theater

The Next Evolution of Xacta

Ajitha Gollapudi, Senior Director, Software Development and Daniel Zwart, Director of Product Management will give you a sneak peek at the advanced features of the upcoming version of the Xacta cyber risk management platform.

June 21 | 11:40am | Partner Theater

Continuous Controls Inheritance for Faster Cloud Compliance

Hear Hugh Barrett, Vice President of Technical Solutions, explain how Xacta 360
automatically inherits pre-vetted controls from the AWS services you use.

Visit Telos at Booth #428

Xacta for enterprise IT risk management and compliance automation helps you meet the complex challenges of managing IT risk with continuous compliance monitoring, security assessment, and ongoing authorization. Visit booth #428 to:

  • See Xacta in action
  • Speak with security compliance experts
  • Learn what’s coming in the future of risk management automation
  • Participate in the second annual Public Sector Cyber Risk Management Survey
  • Get great giveaways


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